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Ms-540hk-1 Clevite 77 Main Bearings

( Brand: CLEVITE 77 ), ( Manufacturer Part Number: MS-540HK-1 ), ( Warranty: Yes ), ( Average Handling Time: 2 )

CLEVITE MS-540HK-1 Bearings Description

This provides a greater safety margin and improved bearing life. Part numbering is based on the same core number as standard passenger car parts for application. Upper main shells, which see lower loads than the lowers, have retained a groove to supply connecting rods with oil extra clearance, and v. Use h-series bearings with crankshafts that have oversize fillet's and where engines run in the medium to high rpm range.

Extra clearance rod bearings are available for. The Molly serves as a high pressure, load dry film anti-wear agent. 001 extra clearance are available for standard size shafts and carry the suffix HX x. These bearings were developed primarily for high performance applications and all types of competition engines.

Use the p-series rods where extremely high Roms cause severe rod bore close-in. The chief difference between v-series and other CLEVITE trimodal bearings is use of lead-indium overlay. These high performance parts have unique core part numbers different from the standard for same application. Rod bearings are available with or without dowel holes HD with, main standard 180 degrees upper half grooving and full 360 degrees, Hg.

Most p-series main sets are full grooved to maximize oil flow the rod bearings. Many early engines used full grooved bearings and some even multiple grooves. Lead indium overlay offers somewhat better conform ability than lead tin-copper with slightly reduced wear resistance. Not all items will ship to you directly from our location in Michigan.

This is typically indicated by nearly full parting line to shaft contact with bearings having less eccentricity. The rod bearings in this series typically have greatest amount of eccentricity. If you aren't sure which type of performance bearing to start with, the h-series will be your best choice. Without rod bearings to feed, a simple oil hole would be sufficient lubricate main bearing.

The result is in a thicker film of oil for shaft to ride on. We do charge sales tax in Michigan 6. The pref carrier material gives good low load start-up protection. All v-series main sets use a single piece thrust bearing rather than the former vaudeville assembled type of construction.

State tax will be calculated at checkout. 006 thick Babbitt lining on a hardened steel back. Part numbering is based on the same core number as high performance and will service application. M-series mains have d Chambers and, for certain applications, oil holes and grooves also been.

Returns: general overview for customers wanting to return an item not due error of Neala - customer responsible shipping restocking fee may apply. M-series rod bearings have been slightly narrowed at one end to provide extra fillet clearance without the need of a large chamber. These bearings, which are also referred to as tremor, still offer the strength and durability of legendary CLEVITE trimodal bearing construction coupled with latest in coating technology. These are made to accommodate increased crankshaft fillet clearance combined shipping: when making multiple purchases through from us please add your items shopping cart and use the request total seller button on page.

Brand: CLEVITE 77part number: MS-540HK-1 notes :main bearing set - tremor this part is compatible with:universal important information: shipping origin: to get you your order faster we utilize many warehouses all over the us. Contact patterns should ideally cover 2/3 to 4 of the bearing surface images are manufacturer and may be a generic representation product being sold. These parts are intended mainly for engines where severe crankshaft deflections cause edge loading of the bearings. Grooving in a bearing acts like tread tire to break up the oil film.

See accompanying contact pattern diagrams. V-series parts are not available with oversize Chambers. Use v-series bearings if prior experience has shown a preference for the lead-indium type of overlay. Use m-series parts to take advantage of the high degree conform ability offered by Babbitt lining.

If you wish to cancel an order please call us at within 30 minutes of placing your or it may be too late due the promptness in which we process and ship orders. Customer support: we are available 9am-6pm est Mon-Fri. V-series bearings do not have flash plating on the steel back. Payment: never enough auto accepts all forms of approved payments.

These are special purpose bearings having a nominal. First, its essential to understand that bearings depend on a film of oil keep them separated from the shaft surface. H-series bearings these are identified by a letter in the part number suffix. The primary reason for having any grooving in a main bearing is to provide oil connecting rods.

Most rod bearings are available either with or without dowel holes for use in aluminum rods. Rod bearings use a hardened steel back for added strength and resistance to fretting. This oil film is developed by shaft rotation. Frequent inspections are recommended and bearings should be replaced at the first signs of distress.

Quantities, colors or accessories may be different not included exactly as pictured. These bearings also have d Chambers for greater crankshaft fillet clearance and are made without flash plating better seating. As engine and bearing technology developed, grooving was removed from modern lower main bearings. P-series parts are the oldest series of CLEVITE high performance bearings.

Emails are normally answered within 24 hours, not including weekends or holidays. V-series bearings these parts essentially duplicate the former vaudeville under CLEVITE part numbering system. H-series bearings should be used if contact patterns obtained with p-series parts are too narrow. H-series bearings have a medium level of eccentricity, high crush, and rod hardened steel back thin overlay.

For a faster response please call us at rod bearing oil starvation is typically indicated by polishing and smearing of the surface, possibly accompanied discoloration predominantly concentrated axial bearings. Under these operating conditions bearing service life will be very short. The lower rod shells have a dowel hole for use in aluminum rods with pins. Extra clearance parts are available with a suffix VAX.

We only accept funds in USDA, and payment for your purchase is expected within five calender days. Use p-series mains where higher eccentricity is desired to narrow bearing contact patterns and provide increased oiling rod earings. V-series rod bearings typically have low to medium eccentricity and a hardened steel back. We are frequently asked what difference grooving makes.

As the shaft rotates it pulls oil into loaded area of bearing and rides up on this film much like a tire hydroplaning wet pavement. Both rods and mains have high crush for maximum retention, a reduced overlay thickness to prevent fatigue, sometimes referred as hen tracking. 4474mon-Fri: 9-6pm est sat: 9-12pm various forms of main bearing grooving have been used over the years. K-series bearings have a proprietary Molly graphite treatment applied to the surface, but not bearing parting lines.

001 additional clearance and select fitting. These bearings were developed primarily for use in nas car type racing, but are suitable all types of competition engines order cancellation: orders processed within 30 minutes placing your during normal business hours. Call us: 877. K-series bearings these are identified by a letter k in the part number suffix.

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